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The Biggest Little-Known Influence on H. P. Lovecraft



M. R. James was an English author, scholar and inspiration to Lovecraft, though the world may have forgotten it.

Montague Rhodes James (1862-1936) was the type of gentleman one doesn’t meet anymore: the very definition of the reserved, erudite scholar who was out of step and out of time. A medievalist by trade, his professional life was closely wedded to the academic world. Specifically, he served as the provost for King’s College, Cambridge (1905-1918) and, more famously, Eton College (1918-1936).

But besides serving budding minds, James’s other great passion was the ghost story. The originator of the “antiquarian ghost story,” he took ghosts out of chains and abandoned castles, and injected them into a more real world. The term “antiquarian” in the “antiquarian ghost story” came from James himself, who used his deep love for the medieval world to the fullest extent in stories that invariably pit quiet academics against the manifest legion of the undead.

A natural conservative with a predilection for outmoded settings brimming with historical consequence, James was an obvious influence on the Anglophilic H. P. Lovecraft, who, in a 1935 letter to science fiction author Emil Petaja, summarized James as a unique talent who flourished under the conventions of weird fiction:

M.R. James joins the brisk, the light, & the commonplace to the weird about as well as anyone could do it—but if another tried the same method, the chances would be ten to one against him. The most valuable element in him—as a model—is his way of weaving a horror into the every-day fabric of life & history—having it grow naturally out of the myriad conditions of an ordinary environment.


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Good Things by Sleater-Kinney

I’m not sure if this is my fav S-K track but it’s definitely up there and the one that will definitely make me cry after I’ve had a drink, so. 

This is honestly so big for me. They were my fave band through university and I never got to see them live, though not from lack of trying (I even bought plane tickets once and they cancelled ;__________;). Jesus Christ I can’t believe it’s been a decade, I still remember the record shop where I bought The Woods (FNAC in Genova!) and how I thought that monumental record was going to start a whole new chapter for them and how we all thought Matthew Fluxblog was an asshole for posting tracks from the leak even though Carrie asked the bloggers not to and—-
I dunno man I am emotional. I’d told myself to stop travelling for gigs in 2015 but this is, personally, probably even bigger than Kate Bush (and that was pretty damn big). Oh lord I am excited

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ha ha so did u guys hear sleater-kinney have reformed and have recorded a new album and are going on tour next year ha ha i’m okay

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“Like all mothers, mother nature will tuck you safely into bed at night only to come into your room two hours later in a scary mask and threaten you with a nail”

— Greg Evigan, This Morning with Richard Not Judy. (via philomena-cunk)
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